Is CAT a very tough exam?

Published: Fri 29 April 2022
Updated: Fri 29 April 2022
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Conclusion: Overall CAT has a moderate difficulty level, but it can turn easy for sometimes who start their preparation early and keep practicing all the three sections. If well planned, you can easily crack the CAT! It just tests your math and logical skills of grade tenth level tenth class.

Which exam is toughest in India?

List of Top 10 Toughest Exams in India

  • UPSC Civil Services Exam.
  • IIT- JEE.
  • Chartered Accountant (CA)
  • NEET UG.
  • Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE)
  • National Defence Academy (NDA)
  • Common-Law Admission Test (CLAT)
  • Is CAT tougher than Upsc?

    According to IIMA 2006 pass-out, Pruthviraj Mina, appearing for CAT and securing admission to one of the most prestigious B-schools in India was quite easy as compared to appearing for the Union Public Service Commission exams.

    Which exam is better CAT or gate?

    GATE VS CAT– Both are entrance exams for graduate students to get admissions into higher classes. However, both have their differences.GATE VS CAT.

    Exam conducted by IITsExam conducted by IIMs
    100 marks300 marks

    Is there maths in CAT exam?

    CAT syllabus is devided into 3 parts - Quant, verbal ability, DILR. Basically the maths portion are based on arithmetic, algebra, geometry, trigonometry etc of 9,10 level.

    Is CAT easy for engineers?

    According to the topper, "CAT is like any other competitive, entrance exam. It is quite easy for the engineering students, as we appeared in lots of engineering entrances- JEE Main, JEE Advanced which were of similar difficulty level like the management entrance.

    Is 3 years enough for CAT?

    The right time to start preparation for next year's CAT exam is in pre-final year of graduation ( 3rd year of engineering or 2nd year of 3 year graduation course ). These students can join T.I.M.E. coaching center in a super long term CAT classroom batch. This will give them adequate time for preparation.